Who is Tomkarho?


A software developer with a flair for obscure pop-culture references and sarcastic darkish humored quips. Kitchen philosopher, Linux lover, fantasy enthusiast and a realistically pragmatic opportunist. As an added bonus I am also a nerd.

Despite looking like a rock star, I am not one. I am also not a full stack developer, 10xer or any other fancy title. I find such flamboyant terminology boring and uninformative.

In it's simplicity I solve problems with code. Sometimes that means writing it. Sometimes that means removing it. The passion I have for my craft extends beyond my dayjob and I usually have some kind of coding project in the works.

I started my developer career in 2009 with the web frontend stack (plain html, css, javascript) eventually moving to backend with php. A cursory glance at Java was a required material for my BA. Eventually after graduating I spent my first years in the biz with the aforementioned technologies springling some MySql database sauce in the mix.

In recent years my focus has shifted from php to .NET and C# (both Framework and Core) which I continue to develop in to this day. This also brought me into contact with Oracle database. I also have had some small footprint in mobile (which I hope to expand in the future) via Android (Kotlin/Java) and Xamarin. Oh and I know enough about databases and SQL to be dangerous so shall we drop those tables huh?

No introduction of a developer is complete these days without touching on softer subjects like devops or continuous integration. Fear not dear reader, I have had some experience with such terminology as well. Jenkins is my goto task runner when it comes to CI and CD. No piece of code of mine goes anywhere without the buttler's input and output. A slight pang of curiosity led me to try out Docker but I confess to using it only as a build environment for Jenkins so the host machine does not need all the different versions of different libraries installed and configured.

A point of pride for me is that I have been running Linux on my personal desktop as a daily driver since 2014. If you want to know why, checkout my blog.

I am also a great proponent of self-hosting, which is why I am rarely seen on centralized platforms like Google's suite, Microsoft's Office or Github/Gitlab.

When I am not writing code I dabble in all things fantasy. I read it, play it, attempt to write it and fill my mind with fantastical worlds and magic. Living in a small town in the countryside left a young mans' imagination to run wild and so it did. When my proficiency in reading reached a sufficient point to try out some fantasy books, I did and looked no back. Apart from technical books fantasy dominates my reading habits. So yeah, I'm a nerd.

Buzzwords for your perusal

PHP, Java, C#, html/css/Javascript

.NET Framework, .NET Core, Yii, Laravel, AngularJS, Angular

Android, Xamarin, Jenkins, Azure, Docker

Windows 7-10, Windows server 2008-12, Ubuntu, Arch, CentOS

MySql, MariaDB, Oracle