Software development is not a profession.  It’s a calling.

Hi. I’m Tommi. A software developer not so extraordinairee. Currently a jack of all trades type developer with primary skills concentrated on web development and a strong desire to master the art of native mobile application.  Skillsets include thought provoking and difficult to understand bad puns.  Has spoken with varying degrees in php, JavaScript, SQL, C# and Java.  Dabbles with system administration on personal server and handles everything he cans in Linux as arch devotee.  Other skills include but are not limited to:

  • Capacity to break large constructs into smaller pieces
  • Grace under pressure
  • Version control management (experience with git and subversion)
  • Software design and development from concept to production
  • Teamwork
  • Being constantly dissatisfied with quality of own code 🙂

Graduate of JAMK from 2013 as Bachelor of Business Administration  (BBA) and since then full time employed.  Currently serves as software designer at Protacon.  A silent personality with philosophic tendencies and deep passion for anything fantasy related whether it’s movies, tv, games, music or books.