One example of why being a software developer is great

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After being in the field for three years as a professional developer one very particular reason why I love to do what I do hit me today. It all started with a problem.

The problem is actually very simple. i had a bunch of audio files and I needed to rename them to something else. The files had numbers, artist names and other undesirable characters and info. Naming everything by hand? Not an option so what’s a guy to do? First I did what any other person would: I googled the problem. Lots of different programs for doing what I want. None would solve the problem I had with the time constraints I had.

In any other situation the solution would have been “Oh well I’ll just try to find the time to learn this big hunk of program so I don’t get caught like this again”. If you are like me, knowledge like that drops from your brain like ripe apples from a tree so in the end you end up re-learning all that sofware stuff again.

My solution? I wrote the renamer program myself. Granted it is not the most sophisticated or grandiose and exception management is non-existent but it worked for my particular problem and renamed my files to excatly what I wanted.

Time it took to build? Less than an hour. Now every time I am in a smilar pickle (a more than likely scenario) I can run this lovely little php script again and rename thousands of files to something more sane.

If you are interested, go see it for yourself at Github.

This is why I love being a software developer. When problem like that arises I have the tools and sometimes the competence to solve it fast and solve it successfully.  And if it so happens that others find my solution to their liking?  All the better!

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