My thoughts on Last Jedi and the future I hope might happen


Coming out of the Last Jedi left me with a puzzled sense. While the movie had enjoyable moments, I felt something missing. The magic seemed to be gone. I certainly was entertained but the wonder I felt from watching the other Star Wars movies (even the prequels) seemed to have faded somewhat. Perhaps because I am relatively certain where this is going. Disney did not buy some piece of art they wish to cultivate and preserve; they bought a cash cow and they will milk it as long as it keeps on giving. As such I feel that any creative directions future movies might take, Disney won’t let anyone take them. They’ll stay on the acceptable line between infuriating fans and drawing in new people which means that there will be no huge storytelling risks. Also the reckless abandonment of everything the previous movie setup felt like a dick measuring contest between the two directors: Ryan Johnson (was that his name?) ripping out story elements set up by Jar Jar Abrams just so he can claim the Last Jedi for himself and add that notch to his directorial resume. I won’t go through all my nitpicks but I will address a couple which I hope will be remedied in the 9th iteration of this space opera.

Reys parentage

One of the bigger disappointments was the apparent reveal of Ray’s parentage as nobodies. For one, there was a buildup and somewhat of a mystery setup for Rey and her lineage being something great. Most assumed she was Luke’s daughter. Others picked her for Obi-Wans. The most intriquing one was a suggestion she might be Snokes. I held on to the belief that she was a Solo. Han and Leia’s daughter and Bens sister. Of all the theories I came across, it felt most natural. For one, that story has precedence in the expanded universe in the form of Jaina and Jacen Solo (spoiler: Jaina kills Jacen since he turned sith) and Disney has not shied away from taking carbonite copies of expanded universe characters and incorporating them into new canon most notable of those grand admiral Thrawn. Though I would have liked to have seen the drama that would have unfolded had Rey’s parent been Snoke, I can understand the choice against that since it parallels very close with the reveal of Empire Strikes Back which was a prevailing fear among many with Force Awakens resembling A New Hope that much. I held on to the sister theory since it was a story worth telling. As for her being Obi-Wans, anyone who knew anything about Kenobi knew he was married to the force and the jedi tenets which basically meant, sorry jedi, you don’t get to fuck pretty ladies no matter how much of a duchess they are, forbade that. I still maintain hope that Ben lied to Rey about her parentage and the truth is something more since Rey being Skywalker blood would explain her exceptionally strong connection to the force. Of course that could also be explained by saying she is the daughter of Galen Starkiller who regularly pulls entire star destroyers out of orbit (sadly I think Starkiller is not canon). Or better yet, Luke’s female clone (hey, the did it in X-men).

Snoke is not dead!

This guy looks like he had survived through hell. His mastery of the force allows him to connect two minds between star systems, a feat that rivals that of Lukes illusion and that act killed him (and we have to remember, luke is propably the second most powerful force user in the galaxy in terms of raw power), so for him to die like that feels… anticlimactic. Especially since this movie was supposed to explain, who the hell this guy is? A lot of people (myself included) were hoping this to be darth Plaques, referenced only in the prequels once by Palpatine when he tells Anakin about the supposed sith lords ability to prevent death. It was never directly said in the movies but I believe additional material confirmed that Plaques was indeed, Palpatines master whom he killed. Having Plaques survive and return after the emperors death would allow a whole new dimension to open through the entire set of trilogies: Plaques was watching all the time in the shadows. I still hold on to that belief. In fact I am about give out the ultimate way to end this new trilogy that would be epic beyond belief.

Snoke is Plaques and allowed Ben to “kill” him in order to assess whether the boy was good enough to lead the last order.  Why? Plaques needed someone to oversee his empire from the ground level. Plaques does no longer exist merely on the mortal plain. He has transcended beyond deaths stroke and exists now as an entity within the force itself. Much like Jedi like Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Anakin and more than likely, Luke have managed to do. The final movie will end with a confrontation between our heroes on two fronts: Rey will face Ben Solo (or Ben and Rey might faces Snokes physical form together), while Luke along with Obi-wan, Yoda, Anakin and maybe even Leia, together face Plaques’s dark essence withing the force itself. Rey is the linchpin that will tip the balance and of course our heroes prevail and Plaques is vanquished. Rey dies at the arms of his brother Ben and this act of self sacrifice pushes Ben back into the light. The next trilogy might be Ben Solo’s journey of redemption, maybe following in his uncles footsteps: train the next generation of force users.

However in the distance, a new threat arises when a species from another galaxy invade…

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