Fake news did not start recently


Today I read an article about how the infamous Daavid and Goljat story turned out to be less than accucate with their depiction of the height of the big bad warrior.  This prompted me to ponder once again about the role of religion and the bible and how the so called “word of God” turns out to be little embellished and the repercussions of such revelations.

In terms of specific harm the increased height of Goljat might not seem that great.  All the storytellers did was embellish the height in order to make him even more imposing image against Daavid.  Like the wizard said: “All good stories deserve some embellishment”.  There is however one aspect, one truth, that isn’t inherently evident.

The Holy Bible as of this moment is relegated to nothing but embellished tall tales meant to awe.  No different than a fish tale where the fish keeps getting bigger with every telling.

If the good book can get this wrong, how about other things?  Maybe Jesus did not heal all those people.  Maybe water turning into wine was just a great review about Kanan wine delivery speeds.  Maybe the Red Sea had a little hotter summer and the tide sas down so the Jews could walk in the shallows.  The story of Mary getting pregnant immaculately might have been just a ploy to explain her transgressions with another man.  After all punishments were harsh when woman got pregnant out of wedlock.

The bible may be the most blood soaked book in the human history rivalling even that of the dreaded Withces Hammer.  People believe in the message in the pages of the book so much that they are willing to murder in the name of whatever is depicted in those pages.  Other religious texts are equally disappointing like the Quran at least if the good books most fanatic followers are any indication and leaves one to wonder.

When you are willing to kill over what you believe and believe what you read that strongly the damn text better ge accurate.

Most recent example of such false information came in the form of a shooting that was prompted outside a restaurant. The reason the culprit gave to the incident was that he read that the restaurant was a front for Hillary Clintons pedophiliac sexcapades.  This “fact” was later proven as fiction but the prevailing method of “false news” continues and people continue to believe it.  Some claim that it is a new problem with the advent of the internet but the bible proves that not only is the problem of “false news” old as the human race itself but the reaction to those false news continues to cause destruction and death.  No weapons of mass destruction in Iran despite 100% sure information.  No Sex cave inside restaurant.  How many other things have we gotten wrong and let innocents pay the price?  Politicians try to let incovenient facts slip away and then berate the media for publishing them (Clinton email scandal).

Truth is the first casualty of war and we have been at war for a very long time.  Information war begun two thousand years ago.  We just recently moved to the nuclear power phase of that war.

We who are about to bear false witness, salute you.

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