Who am I?

My name is Tommi Mikael Kaura-Aho, commander of the site tomkarho.com, general of the projects within, loyal servant to the true emperor, the Code.  Father to none, husband to none.  And I will finish my projects, in this life or the next.

Despite the proclamation I am and continue to be a very humble and self-depracating personality.  I tend not to, as the saying goes, toot my own horn.  Some might say in that regard I reflect my countrymen in the finest tradition of humility.

I was born in the year 1990 in the municipal of Korpilahti at the central region of Finland.  My childhood was uneventful and ordinary: I played (sometimes with “friends” most of the time alone), grew and prepared into adulthood with the usual platitudes of a child and a teenager.  Yet despite being “ordinary” even at a very early age I started to ponder more profound and deeper questions than “what’s for dinner” and “can I get some candy“.  I still ponder those same questions and seem to get different answer each time.  I tend to call myself an amateur philosopher since the real one is a person who deserve their own wikipedia page.

My interest in computers started out in high school due to mostly for the fact that I wanted to play games.  Programming at the time was something I wanted to do but thought it was too difficult and for the people whose IQ exeed the genius marker.  As such I begun my “career” as a software developer after graduating at 2009 and once I enrolled to the program of Business Administration (essentially software dev with some business stuff attached) and graduated on schedule at 2013.  Since then I have been constantly employed, first in the service of Landis+Gyr in a system integration gig and then landed my current job at Protacon. For more details, consult my linkedin page.

Other interest in my life include various medias.  I watch tv-series and movies in abundance ranging from crime series to fantasy.  My book collection ranges from technical manuals to crime novels even containing a couple of a more abstract works like Dante’s Divine Comedy.  In music my taste is all over but strongly emphasizes a more melodic metal music.  The only genre I cannot stand is the kind where the lyrics are obscured by the gritty howling of the singer.  My gaming consist mainly of RPG’s and Final Fantasy is a name I have passion for.  In order not to start growing roots and turning into a tree I spend several hours in week hitting a blue-yellow ball to the ground over a net and jumping around with various people.  Good way to blow off some steam since the ball doesn’t hurt (but does hit back on occasion).

I write when time and inspiration gives me the opportunity and when words fail, I turn to poetry to spice up my life.  Despite being a cold and calculating to the outside I am warm and discreet personality with deep passion to the things I set my eyes on.  I am however a socially awkward and a shy lone wolf so I am a challenging friend to have.

What do I want?

My current dreams have already been realized.  I am living on my own.  I have a stellar job in a workplace that I enjoy.  I am relatively healthy apart from obesity.  What I want from my future is a change to expand my horizon and understanding of the world I life in.  Naturally I aim to improve my skills in writing software and solve complex problems and make people’s daily routines easier to bear.  I hope my current employer provides me with platform to do that very thing and so far they have delivered.

Where am I going?

At the moment I am not going anywhere specifically.  I am happy where I am but I do hope to travel when time and money allows and see some more exotic locales.  Meeting new people would be on the agenda if I wasn’t so bad at touching base :P.  I communicate much more eloquently in writing.

PS.  If you understood the reference in the headers the hit me up and answer the same questions 😉