A Thought Experiment On Getting Offended


When you really start to think about it, getting offended over anything is rather foolish and useless endeavor. Getting riled up over something someone said seems like a huge strain on your resources with very little gain overall. Who benefits from all of it? The answer might surprise you.

Let’s examine the idea of getting offended for a second. Someone says something that you don’t like. You get offended. Now what happens? Should it happen that the person wanted to offend you, there is little change that they actually care that you did get offended. In fact, the opposite might be true. They might get extra satisfaction from the fact that their words had you so riled up. As such, getting offended towards someone who wanted to offend leaves you always on the losing side.

What then if the person did not mean to offend? Well in that case the words were not meant as an offence so any justification of being offended kind of disappears since there was no malice behind the words you took as an offence. What you are really doing is profiting emotionally from the other persons distress over having offended you. And so you turn snuggly from a victim into a perpetration, getting satisfaction and gratification from someone else’s grief. Should the situation turn public, you get as a bonus to increase that emotional distress and also get gratification over sympathy from others for your “troubles”. This in turn makes getting offended a close cousin to self pity.

All in all it seems that getting offended over anything is either useless or egotistical, narcissistic and abusive action with very little profit for too much effort. So the next time you want to get offended over something, maybe as yourself, is it worth it?

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